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What We Offer

A variety of Christian counseling services provided for individual, ("singles"), couple, relational and family needs and issues including, but not limited to, the following:


  • marriage
  • trauma recovery/PTSD
  • intimacy
  • co-dependancy
  • marital expectation
  • parenting skills
  • family structure
  • family of origin healing
  • healing child within
  • generational curses
  • addictions
  • healthy sexuality
  • relationship issues
  • obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • passive-aggressive behaviors
  • disclosure
  • offense pattterns
  • argument cycles
  • forgiveness and reconciliation
  • life direction
  • conflict resolution
  • power and control issues
  • anger
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • childhood trauma
  • numbing behaviors
  • grief and loss
  • emotional absence
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • personality disorders
  • life balance
  • emotional intelligence
  • spiritual direction
  • emotional and spiritual healing
  • financial struggles
  • adultery
  • separation
  • remarriage
  • blended family
  • divorce recovery
  • premarital
  • step-parenting
  • adolescent issues
  • group therapy
  • and more...

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Individual Counseling
Treating co-dependency, addiction, relationship struggles, life direction, parenting, conflict resolution, abuse, grief and loss, divorce recovery, anxiety and depression, spirituality and many other issues. It is our goal to guide individuals, wherever they are on their life's journey, to wholeness in His holiness and to become self-actualized and confident in their identity in Christ. We meet clients right where they are with no judgment or condemnation; only care and a safe, trusting therapeutic relationship where light and love are provided to guide the path to healing, peace and prosperity.

Spiritual Direction
We believe that God, in Titus, has called the older to teach the younger . We make room for anyone who needs spiritual guidance and wisdom. This is a sweet pleasure that we truly enjoy.We encourage clients seeking spiritual guidance to set goals, heal wounds, stir up giftings and talents within, in order to discover a closer walk with Him so that He can shine His light on individual paths and one can experience God's best. Spiritual healing, prayer, guided scripture readings and mediations are used in spiritual direction as the client is led to discover his/her divinely inspired purpose for life.

Pre-marital Counseling
We believe prevention is the key here. We work with couples who are engaged and planning to get married to ensure they are each, as individuals, whole and complete in their identity in Christ and ready for the covenant agreement of marriage. We address the couple's areas of strengths and potential growth. Depending on the needs of the pre-marital couple, a brief, specific approach to address issues that could become problematic later if not brought to light prior to marriage is utilized including the Prepare/Enrich Assessment tool which screens for ten potential growth areas and addresses possible unresolved childhood traumas that may require additional counseling prior to encouraging marriage. We work with previously married and divorced individuals planning to re-marry and address step-family issues, step-parenting roles and blending family strategies for ultimate success and divorce-proofing in the next marriage.

Conflict Resolution Pre-marital Counseling
Counseling provided to take a real look at the coping styles and argument cycles that each partner is bringing into the marital commitment. We will assist the couple in and identify unaddressed and arrested emotional issues that may eventually negatively impact the marriage. Goals, values, love languages and expectations will be addressed as well in order to better equip the newly wedded couple.

Traditional Marriage Counseling
Counseling provided to treat couples who struggle with getting on the same page. The frequency of arguments is increasing and the intimacy is needing attention. The couple is beginning to notice that they are becoming "stuck" in some of the hot topic interactions and need an unbiased third party to provide a safe place to resolve issues and align the marital goals.

Crisis Marital Counseling
This process is specific for couples who are in really tough places, such as adultery, addiction, abuse, abandonment or extremely toxic argument cycles. The goal of this approach is to gain order within the marital structure, assess the origin of pain, explore rigid interaction patterns, increase emotional awareness, create partner empathy and rebuild the marital bonds. Individual partner issues are closely monitored and an assisting specialist may partner with the marital specialist for best results.

Intense Relationship Rehabilitation
This process is an intensive outpatient treatment program which utilizes a team of counselors to immediately address client with relationship issues or situations that need immediate and intensive therapeutic attention. When clients are hit by an unexpected event, it is difficult to process what has occurred during daily routines, much less heal from the damage. Clients who experience an unexpected crisis, such as exposed infidelity, death, possible separation or divorce or other desperate issues may require the care of the support team. Therefore, this program has been designed to assist clients in trying to understand and work through the issues without the daily distractions. The program is a week intensive that provides clients with 5 days of 8 hours of therapeutic assistance.


Directed Separation
Suzette founded and designed this process because too often, couples were leaning into the divorce option too quickly. She wanted to offer a program that would give them an opportunity to reassess things from a different vantage point. Separation is always a risky option for couples and they struggle with working on issues when they are not living together. Divorce is never the easiest answer and we rarely advocate separation toward divorce. However, sometimes couple interactions are so toxic that a cleansing separation is required to dismantle and begin the process of healing and rebuilding the relationship. Too often the couple considers discarding the marriage because they feel that they have tried everything….in some cases, even traditional counseling failed them. When a couple is at the point of giving up and are convinced that the marriage is over, we offer directed separation to assist them in separating with the intention of ceasing the volatility long enough to identify the root issues. This is an intense 6 months contractual agreement that directs and controls the elements of the separation. The process is an attempt to slow down the destructive emotional interactions long enough to determine if divorce is truly the only solution. Generally, the process allows the couple to become aware of their own negative contributions that fuel the conflict. Wisdom and empathy are key factors that help the couple plow new interactions pathways that lead them back to one another.


Growth Groups
Group work is vital to equipping clients with awareness, growth and accountability. Growth groups are part of the intensive treatment, however individuals who are not participating in an intensive week are invited to groups as well. Ongoing, in-house, open and closed group counseling will be an important part of the center. A variety of topics will be continuously provided at the center.

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