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What We Offer

A variety of Christian counseling services provided for individual, ("singles"), couple, relational and family needs and issues including, but not limited to, the following:


  • marriage
  • trauma recovery/PTSD
  • intimacy
  • co-dependancy
  • marital expectation
  • parenting skills
  • family structure
  • family of origin healing
  • healing child within
  • generational curses
  • addictions
  • healthy sexuality
  • relationship issues
  • obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • passive-aggressive behaviors
  • disclosure
  • offense pattterns
  • argument cycles
  • forgiveness and reconciliation
  • life direction
  • conflict resolution
  • power and control issues
  • anger
  • neglect
  • abuse
  • childhood trauma
  • numbing behaviors
  • grief and loss
  • emotional absence
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • personality disorders
  • life balance
  • emotional intelligence
  • spiritual direction
  • emotional and spiritual healing
  • financial struggles
  • adultery
  • separation
  • remarriage
  • blended family
  • divorce recovery
  • premarital
  • step-parenting
  • adolescent issues
  • group therapy
  • and more...

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Suggested Reading

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Couples Relationship

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Healthy Sexuality

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Meditation Books

  • Answers in the Heart: Daily Meditations for Men and Women Recovering from Sex Addiction. San Francisco: Harper/Hazelden, 1989.
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Sexual and Emotional Abuse

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Spiritual Abuse

  • Arterburn, Stephen and Jack Felton. Toxic Faith. Colorado Springs: WaterBrook, 1991, 2001.
  • Johnson, David and Jeff VanVonderen. Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. Bloomington, Minn.: Bethany House, 2005.

Suggested Reading provided from "THE SEVEN DESIRES OF EVERY HEART" by Mark and Debra Laaser

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